• Turf testing techniques

    May 2023
    Superintendents can get valuable insight on the agronomic health of their facilities through diligent sample collection.
  • Does turf brushing work?

    April 2023
    Turf brushing has grown in popularity among superintendents. One agronomist examines the practice and its benefits.
  • An alternative to overseeding

    August 2022
    A Kansas course finds designated fairway crossovers solve the issue of perennial problem areas coming out of winter months. 
  • Dealing with drought

    July 2022
    By combining an understanding of Mother Nature’s patterns, technology, the right grass types and a willingness to innovate, turfgrass managers can survive — and thrive — during times of water shortages. 
  • An unconventional golf course overseed

    November 11, 2021
    Tasked with overseeding on a compressed schedule and amid other obstacles, a Mid-Atlantic superintendent recounts the challenge and the agronomic and operational lessons learned.
  • Turf hack: The perfect collar

    September 30, 2021
    In his quest for uniform collars, a superintendent found some simple mowing adjustments could create consistent, eye-catching definition around greens.
  • Golf course tree care: Do this, not that

    July 2021
    Separate the beneficial from the detrimental with this rundown of tree maintenance do’s and don’ts, plus find guidance on gray areas, such as tree cabling, fertilization and irrigation.
  • Turf hack: Solar-powered irrigation satellite

    October 1, 2020
    Solar installations needn’t be mammoth, megawatt structures, as a Florida superintendent demonstrates with his electrical fix for an outlying irrigation controller.
  • Tee box maintenance tips

    October 2020
    Tackle common stresses — shade, reduced airflow, wear and tear — and balance appearance with ease of upkeep to get maintenance dialed in to a T(ee).
  • Turf hack: DIY fertilizer mixing setup

    September 17, 2020
    With a common home appliance and a dash of innovation, a superintendent has devised a more efficient way to mix soluble fertilizers for fairways.