Syringing for turf canopy cooling

Does syringing effectively cool plants under heat stress, and are there drawbacks to the practice?

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Banishing bugs with bats

Welcoming these pest predators has allowed an Indiana club to curb its insect populations.

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Prevent damage to ornamentals

How you plant, prune and approach stressors can impact how injury-prone ornamentals are.

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Maintaining naturalized areas

Here’s how to choose plants, schedule maintenance and properly employ herbicides.

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Higher education

A longtime super shares 10 things he wishes he’d been taught in turf school.

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2019 U.S. Open

Check out GCM’s behind-the-scenes coverage of all the agronomic action at Pebble Beach.

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Sustainability stories

From beekeeping to biodiesel, GCM spotlights superintendents’ environmental stewardship initiatives.

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