• Toro brake box hack

    February 2024
    A tip on addressing operation problems on mowers that feature brake box modules. 
  • Leak-down testing

    October 2023
    Engine leak-down tests can pinpoint internal engine issues before they become a major problem.
  • Staying cool: MVAC maintenance

    August 2023
    If you work on motor vehicle air conditioning in your shop, check out these guidelines on refrigerants and the EPA's Clean Air Act.
  • Vintage chill killer

    February 2023
    Is cold-weather starting a struggle for your diesel engines? Try this old-school solution to get your equipment up and running.
  • Shop: Winter golf course chores

    February 2020
    Knock out these oft-deferred equipment service tasks during the slower days of the year to ensure smooth operations once the golf season is in full swing.
  • Shop: Diesel engine smoke

    February 2019
    Smoke told the stories behind two diesel engines’ troubles, and both ended up having straightforward solutions.
  • Shop: Gauging your measurements

    August 2018
    The proper devices and a little insight can ensure precise measurement of gauge dimensions for wire, sheet metal and drill bits.
  • Shop: Corrosion control

    June 2018
    Corrosion never quits, but damage can be curbed with easy additional maintenance during routine servicing and by using the right stuff when replacing parts.
  • Shop: Lubricating O-rings

    April 2018
    Pure silicone oil used as an O-ring lubricant allows for better installation and protects the gaskets from damage.
  • Shop: Don’t trust — verify

    October 2017
    For a veteran technician, a recent timing chain replacement emphasized the importance of verifying when troubleshooting in the shop.
  • Electric maintenance equipment: Can you hear me now?

    July 2017
    While the economic and environmental advantages of electric maintenance equipment are particularly appealing, plugging in also offers additional benefits. A Tennessee superintendent provides an in-depth look at electrifying one’s fleet.
  • Shop: Torque tech

    June 2017
    A digital torque adapter makes calibrating torque wrenches easy, and increases the likelihood that equipment leaving the shop after service will keep performing out on the course.