Environmental Leaders in Golf Awards revamped for 2018

The revised awards will recognize golf course superintendents in focused areas of environmental stewardship.


Golf course wildlife
Implementing environmentally friendly golf course maintenance practices can take years of effort, and the new format of the Environmental Leaders in Golf Awards allows for acclaim of superintendents who achieve major milestones along that journey. Photo by Adobe Stock

For 25 years, GCSAA and Golf Digest have recognized golf course superintendents and golf courses for their commitment to environmental stewardship through the Environmental Leaders in Golf Awards (ELGAs).

For 2018, the ELGAs, which are presented in partnership with Syngenta, have been updated to recognize more superintendents in more focused areas of environmental sustainability. The new ELGAs are based on the environmental best management practices that GCSAA recommends all courses employ.

Instead of national awards based on facility type, the ELGAs will now honor specific areas of emphasis:

  • The Natural Resource Conservation Award will recognize effective strategies for water conservation, energy conservation, and sound wildlife management.
  • The Healthy Land Stewardship Award will recognize effective strategies for efficient use of pesticides and nutrients as well as pollution prevention.
  • The Communications and Outreach Award will recognize effective communication of conservation strategies with facility employees and others, as well as sharing of efforts with golfers and other members of the community.
  • The Innovative Conservation Award will recognize unique and innovative strategies for conservation.

“The ELGAs have given us a wonderful tool for honoring superintendents who make environmental stewardship a key focus of their operation,” says GCSAA CEO Rhett Evans. “As their expertise has evolved, we are refreshing the ELGAs to reflect this.”

The changes were determined by the GCSAA Board of Directors and the Environmental Awards and Education Task Group.

All Class A, B and C members of GCSAA are eligible to apply for the ELGAs. One winner and two runners-up will be selected for each award. While an applicant may apply for all four awards, he or she can only win one award per year. The application period for the 2018 ELGAs will be open Aug. 1-Sept. 30.

See GCSAA’s Environmental Leaders in Golf Awards page for more information.

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