Granular repellents for golf course pest control

Safely fend off geese, moles, snakes, deer and several other destructive animals with a line of easy-to-apply, long-lasting products.


Editor’s note: The following article was supplied by Enviro Protection Industries Co. All product claims, research cited and other information is directly from the company.


EPIC Professional repellents

Enviro Protection Industries Co. (EPIC) was started in 2001 by David Cuddeback, based in Binghamton, N.Y. He began by developing a line of all-natural granular repellents for deer and rabbits for the retail channel of trade. As the success and response grew larger, EPIC added a commercial division after introducing a mole repellent in 2006. This division is focused on the professional landscape, golf course and pest control industries. Over the years, in addition to the original three products, we have developed and entire line of safe and environmentally friendly repellents for: geese, snakes, voles, gophers, wild hogs, skunks, armadillos, cats and even iguanas. We are now the No. 1 granular repellent in the pest control industry.

Our granular repellents are easier to use and last longer, which allows lower labor costs for application.


Granular pest control products


EPIC repellents are eco-friendly and safe for use around humans, pets and children. These proprietary formulas are specifically formulated for each nuisance pest — specific products for specific animals. These animals can do tremendous damage to a golf course that can require hours to repair, which is time taken away from normal course maintenance.

EPIC has focused on developing repellents for national animals, but also regional ones such as wild hogs, gophers, voles, armadillos and iguanas.


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Animal pest map


How do EPIC granular repellents work?

Each animal has specific irritations that will stop its normal behavior.

  • Deer Scram and Rabbit Scram give off an aroma that puts the fear of death in the animals if they cross the application band.
  • Mole Scram, Gopher Scram, Skunk Scram, Armadillo Scram and Wild Hog Scram have specific ingredients that leach into the soil and coat these animals’ food sources, causing food to smell and taste bad and upset their digestive systems.
  • Snake Scram and Iguana Scram target the animals’ Jacobson’s organ (their tongue). They will sense the product as they flick their tongues and will stay away from the application band.
  • Geese Scram (also includes coots) and Vole Scram target these ground-level eaters’ grazing areas, creating digestive issues that will cause them to leave the areas.


EPIC granular repellents


EPIC products are 25(b) exempt from EPA registration. All EPIC products are made with all-natural ingredients and contain no chemicals. They will not harm animals or people and are safe for the environment.

Because golf courses have many diverse needs in protecting greens, fairways, tees, ornamental landscapes and water bodies, we have golf course applications and recommendations available for each of our repellents.


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Golf course goose repellent

EPIC repellents will be of great benefit in repelling destructive animals and decreasing the damage they cause.

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EPIC Professional repellents are available at these fine distributors:

EPIC Professional granular repellents

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