Prepare your golf course water features for summer

Check out five easy maintenance tips, plus discover the best fountains for your golf course.


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Spring brings storms. Patrol your golf course’s ponds and lakes for debris in the aftermath to keep fountains and aerators operating their best. Photos courtesy of Air-O-Lator

Editor’s note: The following article was supplied by Air-O-Lator. All product claims, research cited and other information is directly from the company.

As summer approaches, with the promise of more sunshine, days outside and maybe even social interaction, superintendents are busy preparing their golf courses before the season comes into full bloom.

Water features make every landscape look livelier and more inviting, but they’re not something that can be left alone. With a little bit of maintenance and care, your water bodies will work as hard for you as you do for them.

If you don’t have an aerator or fountain, get one

A pond aerator constantly moves oxygen through water, maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Water on golf courses can become contaminated from turf care chemicals, debris from storms, or just traffic from people enjoying the game. Starting with healthy bodies of water affects the rest of your landscape, as water seeps into the ground and ultimately affects your greenscape. Fountains and aerators also aid in adding oxygen to a body of water, keeping it healthier.

The best fountains for your golf course

When it comes to choosing the best fountain for your golf course, consider its location, the elements it will encounter, the depth of the water, the space the fountain will inhabit, and the maintenance it will require. Here are some options from Air-O-Lator:

Nu-Wave. Our Nu-Wave fountain is a no-fuss fountain. It does not require electricity entering into the water and is ideal for shallow water. There are a variety of spray patterns to choose from. This is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a low-maintenance fountain that looks good and is cost-effective.

Legacy. The Legacy fountain is an excellent pick for bodies of water that are smaller or shallower. It’s a versatile display fountain that can easily be modified for small spaces.

Ready. If a fountain is the crowning glory of your golf course and you need something dramatic, the Ready fountain is for you. This is an excellent fountain for 1-acre lakes, and many Ready fountains can also occupy a larger lake or pond when sold in multiples, providing a dynamic display.

Platinum. This fountain is for those who want to go all out. The Platinum is a decorative fountain designed to aerate bodies of water using eco-friendly, high-performance technology that conserves water while improving quality. Available in 2-5 Horsepower, the Platinum fountain aerates the water below, floats on the top of your pond, and comes with multiple spray patterns.

Water features: Easy, ongoing maintenance tasks

Maintenance ensures quality. Though superintendents take pride in the greenest grass, a neglected water feature will distract the eye of any visitor. These maintenance tips are an easy checklist for your summer maintenance or cleaning tasks.

1. Remove debris
As spring rolls in, so do storms. It would be wise to take the time to remove pond debris. This will help your fountains and aerators run better without the risk of debris affecting their productivity, and it will provide a clean look. You can remove debris with a net on smaller ponds, or by using a rowboat to clean a bigger pond manually. It is wise to check on your aerator or mixer after a storm to ensure that the propeller or intake isn’t clogged. An excess of debris in a body of water with an aerator or mixer could damage your equipment. Debris management is essential in the midst of storm season and helps ensure proper operation and longevity of your fountains and aerators. Some companies, including Air-O-Lator, offer a debris screen for aerators and fountains.

Air-O-Lator golf course
The Legacy fountain from Air-O-Lator is ideal for smaller or shallower bodies of water. It features four spray patters, and its modular design makes for straightforward installation and upkeep.

2. Manage algae
Algae grow on stagnant bodies of water and can suffocate the oxygen out of the body of water.

3. Inspect your fountain
Clean and inspect your fountain for nicks and wear, paying particular attention to the power cable attached to your fountain. This means you need to disconnect it, wash it off, and inspect it for any issues or potential problems. If you need to reorder parts, do so soon.

4. Order replacement parts
After you’ve inspected your fountain, consider whether you need replacement parts. Run your fountain for a while after you have cleaned it. If you do need replacement parts, submit a request replacement parts form or contact an Air-O-Lator expert.

5. Monitor
Consistently monitor the water levels. This is an easy task to put on weekly, monthly or seasonal lists. Examine the clarity of your water and check for insufficient oxygen levels. Watch for visible signs of unhealthy water, such as algae, odors or sediment buildup. Make sure that your aerators are still working correctly, too. By consistently monitoring your water, you will be able to recognize when your water is starting to look unhealthy and whether it’s time to take action. If you have any questions, you can always call an expert.

Consider an upgrade

If everything seems to be in order, consider an upgrade. Maintenance will always be an ongoing task, but, with minimal effort, an update can make your fountains even more engaging.

Bluetooth Light kits allow you to add sparkle to a fountain. Many fountains run during the evening in the summer to conserve energy. Adding a light kit to your fountain can add an appealing flair to your waterscape. Air-O-Lator’s new Bluetooth technology allows you to control your light display remotely through an app on your phone, making it easy to switch up the color coordination and display as often as you want.

Enjoy the great outdoors

We hope you’re using this stay-at-home time to enjoy the great outdoors. Our mission at Air-O-Lator is to provide clean and sustainable solutions so that we can all enjoy clean water for years to come. Summer is one of our favorite seasons because our aerators and fountains are on full display for people to enjoy. Don’t forget to sit back, relax and enjoy the view!