Reintroducing the GCSAA Foundation

GCSAA’s philanthropic organization will again go by the name GCSAA Foundation to better represent its range of programs and broader focus.


GCSAA Foundation

With an expansion of programming in recent years to include STEM education, grassroots advocacy and professional development opportunities, the philanthropic organization of GCSAA has returned to the name GCSAA Foundation to better reflect its wider scope.

Known as the Environmental Institute for Golf (EIFG) since 2003, the organization was founded in 1955 as the GCSAA Scholarship & Research Fund and previously used the GCSAA Foundation name from 1995 to 2003.

As the EIFG, the organization furthered environmental sustainability in golf by funding initiatives such as the Golf Course Environmental Profile, the Rounds4Research auction and the establishment of environmental best management practices (BMPs) for golf courses in all 50 states.

“The return to the GCSAA Foundation name will continue the success of the EIFG in fostering golf course sustainability and supporting programs,” says GCSAA CEO Rhett Evans. “We have made huge strides in the last 20 years, and the GCSAA Foundation name better defines support of all current programs and potential future programs while making the tie to GCSAA and our members clear. As the GCSAA Foundation, we can build on our strong tradition and solid future.”

GCSAA First Green
GCSAA golf advocacy
Golf environmental stewardship
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The GCSAA Foundation remains committed to environmental stewardship and will continue to further the successes of the EIFG on the environmental front. Environmental programs will be one of the five pillars of the GCSAA Foundation, the others being advocacy, research, education and scholarships.

The many programs the GCSAA Foundation supports include The First Green, the GCSAA Grassroots Ambassador program, professional development opportunities, the Rounds4Research auction and the GCSAA Disaster Relief Fund.

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