• Verdure at 100

    December 2023
    GCM looks back at over 100 columns summarizing and interpreting turfgrass research.
  • Verdure: Don't reject air or sand injection

    October 2022
    Today, various core cultivation (also referred to as aerification) practices, along with sand topdressing, are commonly used to manage soil organic matter and alleviate soil compaction.
  • All about water on the West Coast

    August 23, 2022
    At the Southern California Golf & Water Summit, golf industry figures discussed water conservation and environmental stewardship during trying times for parched regions. 
  • Dealing with drought

    July 2022
    By combining an understanding of Mother Nature’s patterns, technology, the right grass types and a willingness to innovate, turfgrass managers can survive — and thrive — during times of water shortages.