• Turfgrass cultivation methods: A roster

    August 27, 2020
    No matter how you slice it, cultivation is a key ingredient in maintaining high-quality turf. A turf scientist breaks down the different techniques to help you determine the best regimen for your site.
  • Timing golf course aerification

    July 2019
    Is there a “perfect” time for aerification? With some tried-and-true tips and a healthy dose of experience, turfgrass managers can make the best call.
  • Golf course greens aerification using the numbers

    November 15, 2018
    A Montana superintendent shares the data-driven approach that has allowed him to better manage excessive organic material in greens with minimal disruption to play during his club’s short season.
  • Verdure: Thatch, mat and coring

    July 2018
    University of Maryland researchers analyzed the effects of three different coring regimes on the quality and thatch-mat content of a creeping bentgrass green.
  • Soil microorganisms: A turf manager’s guide

    November 1996
    Your soil is teeming with trillions of organisms essential to plant health. Get to know this subterranean cast, how the various microbes keep grass green and growing, and how you can support them.
  • Soil compaction effects on turf growth

    August 1990
    This “hidden” stressor takes a very visible toll on turf. Get the lowdown on just how compaction impacts plant root and shoot growth, nutrient uptake, water use and more.