• Turf hack: Bunker rake holders

    September 5, 2019
    By keeping bunker rakes uniformly positioned and out of the way of equipment, a maintenance team has saved themselves time and turned out a tidier golfscape.
  • Golf course gardens grow community

    December 2018
    Golf + gourds = the city of Denver’s initiative to expand natural areas on its courses, boost participation in the game and benefit its citizens.
  • The power of the town hall meeting

    May 2017
    Mitch Savage of Green Valley Ranch Golf Club in Denver shares his experience in GCSAA’s Grassroots Ambassador program, through which he has cultivated connections with policymakers.
  • An irrigation evaluation

    June 2016
    To tackle irrigation system deficiencies at the root — rather than just reacting to them — a Colorado superintendent put his turf to the stress test. The results debunked some long-held beliefs.
  • A recertification story: Vail Golf Club

    March 2016
    Vail Golf Club in Colorado boasts breathtaking alpine scenery along with a commitment to sound environmental practices, from water protection and conservation to conscientious wildlife and habitat management.