Fine fescue

  • Fine fescues on golf courses: Abiotic stresses

    August 2020
    Fine fescues have many strong suits as golf course turf, but also shortcomings. Researchers examine different fine fescues’ responses to traffic, drought, shade, salinity and other stresses.
  • GCM’s 2020 Seed Update

    May 2020
    Find profiles of 17 new turfgrass varieties, a look at how coronavirus has impacted the seed industry, and a special essay from turf scientist Eric Watkins, Ph.D., spotlighting the people and processes behind turf seed production.
  • Evaluating fine fescue shade tolerance

    October 2019
    Fine fescues are considered to be among the most shade-tolerant turfgrasses, but how much does tolerance vary among species under greenhouse conditions?
  • Low-maintenance grasses to replace turfgrass

    April 2019
    From buffalograss to sheep fescue, researchers evaluated 27 ultra-low-input plant species for their ability to stand in for turfgrass in roughs, potentially reducing water use and other inputs.