• #NoNin2023 and beyond

    March 2024
    A veteran transition zone superintendent’s program tackled thatch and organic matter buildup on his greens with more than just a hashtag.
  • The art of managing turf density

    August 2021
    Turf scientist Jack Fry, Ph.D., talks thatch, disease, overseeding and other factors that need special consideration as the (turf) plot thickens.
  • Verdure: Thatch, mat and coring

    July 2018
    University of Maryland researchers analyzed the effects of three different coring regimes on the quality and thatch-mat content of a creeping bentgrass green.
  • Verdure: Looks like everything is just fine

    May 2018
    Researchers examined whether the greater thatch and thatch mass of Penn A-4 and Penn G-2 creeping bentgrass affected the varieties’ topdressing and aeration requirements.