• Tee box maintenance tips

    October 2020
    Tackle common stresses — shade, reduced airflow, wear and tear — and balance appearance with ease of upkeep to get maintenance dialed in to a T(ee).
  • Golf course tree removal: Craft a persuasive pitch

    October 2019
    Healthy turf and trees — sometimes, there’s not room on a golf course for both of them. An arborist offers tips for convincing decision-makers of the need for and benefits of tree removal.
  • Reasons for golf course tree removal

    October 18, 2018
    A longtime superintendent outlines factors that can necessitate tree removal, helpful for communicating with stakeholders about the often tough topic of eliminating trees.
  • Tree care: In good company

    August 2016
    Looking for outside help for managing and maintaining the trees on your golf course? Intent on tackling the task in-house? Here’s what to consider.
  • Triage for trees

    February 2016
    Have a troubled tree on your hands? Before you take action, you need to diagnose. Here, a certified arborist guides you through the process of determining just what’s befallen an ailing tree.