Power up: Greenworks eyes market expansion

Battery-powered equipment manufacturer says it has golf course management on its radar as it unveils new line of products at Equip Expo in Louisville, Ky.


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Greenworks product demonstration
Greenworks debuted a number of new products at Equip Expo in Louisville, Ky., including some with applications for golf course superintendents. Photos by Scott Hollister

While battery-powered equipment manufacturer Greenworks is squarely focused on the present and the fleet of new products it plans to unveil during this week’s Equip Expo in unseasonably frigid Louisville, Ky., the company still has an eye on the future. And it’s a future that could very well include golf.

At least that was the message shared by company officials during a media event at storied Churchill Downs Tuesday, where Greenworks offered a sneak peek at the new products it will showcase during this week’s trade show, an unveiling the company said was the largest in its 20-year history.

Most of these products — including a full line of zero-turn-radius (ZTR) mowers and a trailer designed to both store and charge the company’s battery-powered equipment — will appeal mainly to the lawn care operators and landscape professionals that make up the bulk of the attendance at Equip Expo. Some, however, offer crossover appeal for golf course superintendents, which prompted a question about whether Greenworks would dip its toes into the development of reel mowers more commonly used in golf and sports turf maintenance.

Greenworks product demonstration
Greenworks' new product line includes a full line of zero-turn-radius mowers and a trailer designed to store and charge battery-powered equipment.

“That’s something we’ve actually talked about as recently as the last few days,” says Klaus Hahn, the president of Greenworks’ North American division. “I think there is a future where we are expanding into golf course management, into sports turf. What we have been able to achieve in terms of the power and longevity of our batteries allows us to look more broadly than we have in the past, and golf is a market that definitely interests us.”

Even though the new line of ZTRs — dubbed Optimus Z — and the trailer won’t have many applications for superintendents, several other products unveiled this week would fit in nicely in any golf maintenance building. Most notably is a new 30-inch, walk-behind rotary mower that features two separate blades that make the machine excellent in leaf- and debris-collection applications as well as mowing. The units three batteries provide 110 minutes of run time, power which the company says is equivalent to a 200-cc gas engine, and fully recharges in just 30 minutes.

There was also a number of hand-held items that could provide superintendents with quiet, emission-free performance, including a new 24-inch chain saw, a string trimmer and backpack blower powered by an 82-volt battery pack and a full 82-volt power plant designed as a replacement option for gas engines, primarily on walk-behind mowers.

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Scott Hollister is GCM’s editor-in-chief.