• Staying cool: MVAC maintenance

    August 2023
    If you work on motor vehicle air conditioning in your shop, check out these guidelines on refrigerants and the EPA's Clean Air Act.
  • Power up: Greenworks eyes market expansion

    October 19, 2022
    Battery-powered equipment manufacturer says it has golf course management on its radar as it unveils new line of products at Equip Expo in Louisville, Ky.
  • The future of autonomous technology in golf

    April 2020
    When Cub Cadet pulled the plug on its autonomous mower program, it cast uncertainty on what had seemed a likely rise of the machines in golf course maintenance. GCM explores what comes next.
  • Cub Cadet suspends autonomous mower production

    February 18, 2020
    The company’s decision to shelve its autonomous mower program — at least for now — came as a surprise to users and to an industry still in the early stages of integrating such technology.
  • Shop: Winter golf course chores

    February 2020
    Knock out these oft-deferred equipment service tasks during the slower days of the year to ensure smooth operations once the golf season is in full swing.
  • A low-cost wash pad solution

    April 2019
    A New York club’s self-contained system has slashed water use, curbed environmental impact, and provided a model for other businesses looking to better manage grey water.
  • Shop: Diesel engine smoke

    February 2019
    Smoke told the stories behind two diesel engines’ troubles, and both ended up having straightforward solutions.
  • Shop: Corrosion control

    June 2018
    Corrosion never quits, but damage can be curbed with easy additional maintenance during routine servicing and by using the right stuff when replacing parts.
  • Shop: Lubricating O-rings

    April 2018
    Pure silicone oil used as an O-ring lubricant allows for better installation and protects the gaskets from damage.
  • Effects of the DryJect or AIR2G2 on bentgrass greens

    December 2017
    With funding from the Environmental Institute for Golf, researchers are testing the effects of the DryJect, AIR2G2 machines and conventional cultural methods on turf performance and soil physical properties.
  • Shop: Don’t trust — verify

    October 2017
    For a veteran technician, a recent timing chain replacement emphasized the importance of verifying when troubleshooting in the shop.
  • Electric maintenance equipment: Can you hear me now?

    July 2017
    While the economic and environmental advantages of electric maintenance equipment are particularly appealing, plugging in also offers additional benefits. A Tennessee superintendent provides an in-depth look at electrifying one’s fleet.
  • Shop: Torque tech

    June 2017
    A digital torque adapter makes calibrating torque wrenches easy, and increases the likelihood that equipment leaving the shop after service will keep performing out on the course.