Cold-weather maintenance

  • Vintage chill killer

    February 2023
    Is cold-weather starting a struggle for your diesel engines? Try this old-school solution to get your equipment up and running.
  • An alternative to overseeding

    August 2022
    A Kansas course finds designated fairway crossovers solve the issue of perennial problem areas coming out of winter months. 
  • Hydromulch for winter green protection

    January 13, 2022
    On a links-style course in Nebraska, where winter winds are inhospitable to turf and traditional covers, a superintendent uses hydromulch to see greens through to spring.
  • The icing on the turf

    December 2021
    Turf scientist Jack Fry, Ph.D., offers an overview of the various ways ice forms in the turfgrass system and the differing effects.
  • Improving turfgrass survival of ice encasement

    July 2021
    Could priming turf with certain chemicals give it a leg up on winter stress? Researchers investigated the impacts of various treatments on annual bluegrass recovery from prolonged ice cover.
  • Perfecting winter putting green protection

    April 22, 2021
    With just a brief window to bring greens out of long, harsh winters, a club has fine-tuned a custom cover system that shields turf from the elements without creating anoxic conditions.
  • Iced in at En-Joie Golf Club

    January 14, 2021
    Superintendent Anthony Chapman is carefully chipping away at acres of encased turf — some with silt from flooding beneath the ice.
  • Wetting agents for winter turf protection

    December 2020
    Researchers explored whether applying wetting agents to dormant ultradwarf bermudagrass greens could curb winter injury and ensure speedy spring green-up.
  • Weathering winter on the golf course

    March 2020
    Turf managers who contend with harsh, lengthy winters rely on fine-tuned agronomic skills, shrewd timing and, sometimes, just plain luck. Here’s how five northern superintendents do it.
  • Shop: Winter golf course chores

    February 2020
    Knock out these oft-deferred equipment service tasks during the slower days of the year to ensure smooth operations once the golf season is in full swing.