• Hydromulch for winter green protection

    January 13, 2022
    On a links-style course in Nebraska, where winter winds are inhospitable to turf and traditional covers, a superintendent uses hydromulch to see greens through to spring.
  • What the Tech? Measuring green speed

    October 2021
    Are you in the Stimpmeter camp, or do you roll with a more recently developed alternative? Explore different measuring methods, from the tried-and-true to the thoroughly modern.
  • What the Tech? Measuring putting green firmness

    June 2021
    Putting green firmness can be a difficult metric to define and interpret. Turf scientists discuss different measurement methods and how to translate the data into management decisions.
  • Do wetting agents influence putting green speed?

    February 2021
    Claims that the products produce faster and firmer surfaces haven’t been thoroughly vetted, leading researchers to investigate seven wetting agents’ effects on green speed and more.
  • Turfgrass cultivation methods: A roster

    August 27, 2020
    No matter how you slice it, cultivation is a key ingredient in maintaining high-quality turf. A turf scientist breaks down the different techniques to help you determine the best regimen for your site.
  • Verdure: You really ought to cover that up

    August 2020
    With more transition zone courses opting for ultradwarf bermudagrass greens, researchers investigated various strategies for preventing winter injury of the warm-season grass.
  • Hand sanitizer effects on turfgrass

    July 2020
    Turf damage has all sorts of origins, but 2020 has no doubt brought an uptick in injuries involving one substance in particular: hand sanitizer.
  • Goodbye Poa annua, hello bentgrass

    April 2020
    Go inside an Ohio golf club’s decision to transition greens and fairways from Poa to bentgrass and the many components involved, from shade to PGRs to patience.
  • What the Tech? Golf course pin placement

    January 2020
    Pin placement software allows superintendents to make more informed decisions on hole locations, which can reduce wear on greens and enhance golfer experience.
  • Oil spills on turf: Facts and myths

    November 2019
    When hydraulic oil gets on putting greens, is it the heat that kills the grass? Is dish soap really the best remedy for damage? An overview of the scientific research separates fact from folklore.
  • Suppressing Poa annua seedhead production

    November 2019
    Researchers examined how well different mowing delays pre- and post-application of a plant growth regulator reduced seedhead counts in Poa annua greens.
  • Timing golf course aerification

    July 2019
    Is there a “perfect” time for aerification? With some tried-and-true tips and a healthy dose of experience, turfgrass managers can make the best call.