• Wetting agents and soil water repellency

    October 2018
    A laboratory study confirmed for the first time that certain wetting agents can remove sand particle organic coatings that cause soil water repellency.
  • Reducing pesticide runoff from golf courses

    June 21, 2018
    Scientists examined the effects of two maintenance practices on controlling pesticide runoff, and their findings translate to practical recommendations for superintendents.
  • Can groundwater keep your course green?

    June 2017
    Groundwater can be a replacement or a backup for the municipal water supply, as well as a budget saver and an insurance policy when water is scarce.
  • Slashing salinity, saving water

    June 2017
    The city of Scottsdale, Ariz., wanted to support its vibrant golf economy without using its precious drinking water supplies for irrigation. The solution? Twenty-three golf courses, a partnership and technology.
  • Water swap: Middlefield Golf Course

    November 2016
    For an Oregon golf course, a change in ownership meant a change in its irrigation source, and the switch has brought substantial savings of both water and money.
  • An irrigation evaluation

    June 2016
    To tackle irrigation system deficiencies at the root — rather than just reacting to them — a Colorado superintendent put his turf to the stress test. The results debunked some long-held beliefs.
  • A recertification story: Vail Golf Club

    March 2016
    Vail Golf Club in Colorado boasts breathtaking alpine scenery along with a commitment to sound environmental practices, from water protection and conservation to conscientious wildlife and habitat management.
  • Playing it safe at Salish Cliffs Golf Club

    January 2016
    Salish Cliffs Golf Club in Shelton, Wash., is the first course in the country to receive certification from Salmon-Safe, an organization dedicated to improving land management practices to protect watersheds for salmon.