• Improving turfgrass survival of ice encasement

    July 2021
    Could priming turf with certain chemicals give it a leg up on winter stress? Researchers investigated the impacts of various treatments on annual bluegrass recovery from prolonged ice cover.
  • Verdure: An ode to Tom Watschke

    May 2021
    The turfgrass scientist’s early work helped shape our understanding of turf physiology and tolerance to high temperature stress. Plus: Watch a national morning show’s 1990 interview with Dr. Watschke.
  • Rhodesgrass mealybug in turf

    April 2021
    The invasive insect is an emerging pest of both cool- and warm-season greens. Entomologists detail its life cycle, cultural and biological controls, and findings from recent insecticide experiments.
  • Heavy metal effects on golf course greens

    April 2021
    Certain products and soil conditions can expose turf to elevated levels of copper and zinc. Researchers examined the impacts of the heavy metals on two warm-season turfgrasses.
  • Verdure: Mind your prills and granules

    April 2021
    What percentage of fertilizer granules get picked up by the mower, and does the loss affect turf health? A multisite study took a close look at granular fertilizer applications.
  • Verdure: It’s not easy being green

    March 2021
    Mike Fidanza, Ph.D., explores matters of color in turfgrass, from stand uniformity to the evolution of visual evaluation methods (complete with the musical stylings of a famous frog).
  • Spring management of annual bluegrass weevil

    March 2021
    New findings on the reproductive phenology and feeding patterns of ABW during spring emergence suggest a need for changes to management practices to achieve more effective control.
  • Wetting agents for water conservation

    February 2021
    Researchers tested 10 wetting agent treatments’ ability to sustain quality turf under deficit irrigation. Here’s how the different products and chemistries stacked up.
  • Do wetting agents influence putting green speed?

    February 2021
    Claims that the products produce faster and firmer surfaces haven’t been thoroughly vetted, leading researchers to investigate seven wetting agents’ effects on green speed and more.
  • Reducing turfgrass damage from dog urine

    January 2021
    Man’s best friend can be rather unfriendly to turf. Two studies looked into potential strategies for mitigating damage: more tolerant turf varieties and use of water repellents.
  • Verdure: B is for boron

    January 2021
    A plant scientist and a pair studies offer insight on this essential plant nutrient and the effects of boron fertilization on turfgrass.
  • Poa annua: Alternative control options

    December 2020
    Lemon juice for Poa control? In the quest for non-herbicidal treatments, researchers tested several outside-the-box options. Here’s how they fared.