• Corica Park South Course: A sustainability standout

    April 2019
    Recycled materials — including secondhand turf from the Oakland Raiders — drought-tolerant grasses, rainwater collection and targeted irrigation are all components of the new-look California course.
  • Golf course greens renovation advice

    September 2018
    A distillation of research to help superintendents spearhead a greens renovation, minimize course closure and ensure a long-lasting finished product.
  • The art of golf course bunker removal

    September 2018
    An Ohio superintendent shares his process for eliminating bunkers — and the resources they require — while maintaining golf course aesthetics and architectural integrity.
  • Self-service: Renovation at We-Ko-Pa Golf Club

    November 2017
    Arizona superintendent Ryan Kreizenbeck tried his hand at design during a recent renovation project, and the result has drawn rave reviews from all involved at We-Ko-Pa Golf Club.
  • Fast forward: Davenport Country Club

    October 2017
    The makeover of Iowa’s Davenport Country Club offers a blueprint for renovating on an aggressive timeline as well as recapturing a storied course’s original personality.
  • Intentions at Inverness

    September 29, 2017
    Historic Inverness Club in Toledo, Ohio, is undergoing major changes to restore its past yet still address the modern game.
  • Much ado about Midland

    September 2017
    The two-part transformation of a West Texas course brought its share of unusual obstacles, unexpected lessons and unique triumphs, all culminating in a refreshed look and feel just in time for the club’s 90th anniversary.
  • Assessing golf course infrastructure

    August 2017
    How long can you expect the many, varied components of your course to last? A veteran superintendent breaks down infrastructure life spans to help you optimally plan and budget for future restoration, renovation and replacement work.
  • Riomar Country Club: Polishing an oceanside gem

    January 2017
    Through prudent planning, clever budgeting tactics and some lucky nods from Mother Nature, the renovation of a renowned Florida course came in on time and with funds to spare, allowing for some added bonuses.
  • Ground control: Navigating a renovation

    September 2016
    Sharing his turf with a team of outside professionals during a sweeping course renovation taught a Chicago-area superintendent worthwhile lessons in collaboration, planning and project management.
  • Master planning for golf course renovations

    October 2014
    Considering a golf course renovation? Master planning marries the wants and needs of the facility with the architect’s ability to deliver on those expectations.
  • A tale of two golf course renovations

    October 2012
    Neighboring Hawaiian resorts chose different but successful approaches to the dilemma of whether to close or stay open during major renovations.